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Hybrid IT
Hybrid IT

We provide high quality Hybrid IT support services to all the paying clients, who have subscribed to our Technical Support Plans.

Managed Support Platform

We leverage a multi-tenant software platform to custom design & implement all the ITIL standards compliant Hybrid IT service management process, rules, policies, etc for each client.

This system is used by all of the Level-2 Support team members internally and strategic partners responsible for support services globally.

Global Support Centre

Our global Help Desk portal is available 24 x 7 and hosted on a high-availability public Cloud facility. It is pre-integrated with interactive voice response (IVR) or private branch exchange (PBX) and intelligent chat systems. Besides accessing our Knowledge Base related to various topics, your staff members can raise a trouble ticket related to our service offerings.

This system is used regularly by majority of clients and all the Level-1 Support team members internally to communicate with the clients.

Franchisee Network

While we try to deliver Hybrid IT support services through our own staff in all major locations around the world, but it is important to leverage hands and feet of our service affiliates or franchisee or partners in certain locations. Therefore, we have developed a strong partner ecosystem.


We apply a wide range of proprietary hardware & software tools for remote monitoring, alerts, events, and alarm notification, trouble ticketing, and change management. These tools are developed by our research and development team.

We leverage several paid software products to meet our business requirements.

  • Help Desk - Client Portal
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Text Messaging Integration
  • SMS Messaging Integration
  • Audio / Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing Integration
  • Remote Assistance software

We leverage several free and open source software (FOSS) tools with custom-designed extensions and proprietary tools internally for IT system, network, or security monitoring, resource discovery, testing, inventory management, application dependency mapping, incident management, etc. For example

  • iTops
  • GLPI
  • OCS Inventory
  • Nagios
  • SEO Panel

We also use additional tools for

  • Requirements Management
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Service Lifecycle Management
  • SLA Management
  • Vulnerability Management

Prior to starting Hybrid IT system management at our end, we must gather key information related to your existing IT hardware & software assets, network, security, policies, practices, and so on. Therefore, we conduct a due diligence exercise that takes approx. 45 ~ 60 days. All the programs come with a comprehensive onboarding program for our clients. It includes the following stages.

  • Service Definition
  • Hybrid IT Environment - Data Collection
  • Internal Review & Recommendations
  • Orientation Meeting & Service Handoff

We deliver online training sessions frequently for your staff member to keep them up-to-date about various security measures.

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Phishing Prevention
Education Services

Our support is available on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis using various channels.

  • Email Support
  • Text / SMS
  • Phone Support
  • Screen Sharing
  • Remote Assistance

The following service components are optional only. However, you can subscribe to it, if needed.

  • Onsite Remediation
  • Premium Managed Server
  • Recurrent Strategy Session 
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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